Monday, January 7, 2013

Holding Your Passion In Your Hands

In December, I celebrated a huge accomplishment in my life. 
I became a published writer in an actual, tangible magazine! 

This One!

I feel so passionate on the topic of holistic health and living. It feels so great to let my passion just flow. Nothing is forced. A topic just "comes" to me and I just go with it. I never had this kind of passion before. In university, I majored in Business Marketing, and I was very interested in the topic. But at interviews, and resumes, and "meet and greets", I just felt like everything was forced. It wasn't me. It was stressful! I am so happy that I found something that IS me. It feels so great to see your passion encourage and help others. THAT is why we are here to begin with.

Yay! I can hold my writing in my hands!
In The Contributors Section

The topic I chose to write about is probably something a lot of you can relate to right now. It's about New Year's resolutions. I think a lot of people have great intentions when they set their goals for the New Year, but they never usually last. WHY?

That is something I have covered in the article. Our focus is wrong. Usually our focus is on the outward appearance. Focusing on something shallow will only produce shallow results.

Check out my article below to see some easy, yet super effective tips to help you meet and exceed the goals you have set for the new year!

Check out the article in Busan Haps Magazine by clicking pic below:

New Year's resolution

Let me know what you think! Good luck to everyone out there starting off their new year on the right track!

Remember- never aim to be skinny or buff. Aim to be healthy and to love your body and mind. They will pay you back in abundance.

Wishing you health and peace of mind to begin the awesome year ahead,

PS- Isn't that a stunning pic of my beautiful friend and yoga teacher, Mindy!?


  1. Congrats Meg! This is amazing. Great article and I think it's so true that people should focus on living a healthy lifestyle and the results of good-looking body will follow.

  2. Meg, I love love love your article and I'm sssssooo proud of you for stepping out and telling the world everything you know! We appreciate it! :) I know, personally, I feel a million times better since taking a more natural approach to what I eat! :)

    1. Awww thanks, Jill! It's amazing how making a few small changes can "change everything"!

  3. Way to go Meg! I am truly coming around to the idea that, simply saying and writing down something that you want to achieve will eventually result in that goal coming to fruition. Congratulations !

    1. YES! You're right, sir! Thank you.

  4. I read your article in BusanHaps and it was fantastic. Well done. I can't wait to see what you do next.

    1. Thank you Frankie! That means a lot to me. :)