Friday, December 14, 2012

It Happens To Everyone...


Actually, it has basically happened to me every day for my entire life....

My hair was SUPER curly, thick and frizzy through middle and high school. 

No- I wasn't gothic. My friend and I did a Sociology experiment in WalMart... don't ask.

Then I got professional straightening in college and it got better, and some days even manageable.

Then I moved to Korea and had horrible experiences keeping up with my blonde highlights.  My hair was YELLOW and over processed. And then........ it broke off after being burned too much with the arsenic (AKA- Korean hair dye) AND washing it in the water here.

The height of yellowness!

Then my hair was two-toned because I refused to re-touch my super shiny new healthy VEGAN hair and re-peat this process again.

I have dyed the yellow hair to match healthy roots. I wash it with Dr. Bronner's Soap. Rinse it with Dr. Bronner's Hair Rinse. Spray it with Rose Water. And Use Dr. Bronner's Hair Cream for styling. It feels so great! I feel so good knowing that No toxic products or products tested on animals are even being used on my hair and my hair is thanking me for it by behaving itself.

I actually found out after I had already eliminated SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) from my hair care routine, that it totally scrubs away all the natural oils in your hair, causing it to dry out and in some cases OVER produce oil to counteract the dryness. It has also been linked with making hair fall out! Check the link above or google for the truly nasty effects of this criminal chemical that is basically in EVERYTHING that touches our skin and hair.

But even with the best hair, when you work with 18 of THESE guys...

Having a good hair day can be a challenge. 

Sometimes my job calls for me to be a client in their "Hair Shop" or a Power Ranger... 
Sometimes the results look like this...

But it's ok! I always have a trusty elastic hair band in my bag to remedy this issue.
Except on days that I don't. 
On days like that there are only a few options available in a pre-school.

Normal rubber bands DON'T WORK! They always get tangled and I have to cut them out...
Clothes pins? Not really, unless you use 20. 
Paper clips? No. But they could work instead of a bobby pin if you're in a jam.
Pencils? I could never do the cool bun thing with a pencil... I've tired for years.
So, I chose the twist tie (but I took off the bow)

WOW! It worked great! They don't damage your hair like hair bands do and you don't need to buy anything- 
you can just re-use your bread ties!

In the past I probably just would have been angry at myself for not remembering to bring an extra elastic hair tie. Believe it or not, I would have dwelled on it and it would have ruined my whole day.

But when you look for opportunities in the difficulties that life sometimes hands you, you ALWAYS find something better. You may even learn something you wouldn't have known before.

Maybe some of you don't want to hear me rant about my hair.
But I'm writing this post for myself. I have always had a horrible relationship with my hair. I have despised it FOREVER and it has even lead to low self-esteem and insecurity. My hair has always been my Achille's heal. Being able to overcome little victories with it really gives me a boost.

I like having little problems like this in life and finding meaning in them. When you learn something like this on a small scale, you can apply it to large-scale problems if they arise.

The opportunity to learn something new everyday to improve your mind (or hair) is one of the gifts we are given in life. When we stop learning, we stop progressing and then we become dull and bored (and boring).

Life is too awesome!

Find truth in the little things. Walk around with your eyes open.
The little things can be just as empowering as the big ones.

Have you ever found truth or inspiration in something small? I'd love to hear about it!

There are many ways to live life-
Why not live it "The Empowered Way"!


PS- You can find Dr Bronner's products at my new "Empowered Consumer Shop" HERE!
I also have books and other great things that inspire and empower me there too! Check it out! If you can't find something on there that you are interested in, let me know. I'll get it!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I have been extremely interested in going all natural with my hair routine and tried the baking soda/acv combo with limited success. I think I will definitively give the Dr. Bronner's rinse a try now. :)

    1. I wouldn't recommend using Dr Bronner's soap alone. It lathers SO much and feels great, but when you rinse it out, your hair feels weird. BUT the hair rinse is amazing! If you use it, the problem just disappears. I LOVE IT! :)

  2. Great post Meg! Your hair looks awesome and I love the twist tie idea! I use some Indian coconut oils on my hair which I was sceptical to use at first but then saw the benefits right away. Once i'm done with my shampoo, i will give dr. dronner's a try since I definitely don't want SLS on my hair. Thanks for empowering me again!

    1. Hi Magda! I have used coconut oil on my hair too! It works great! I just can never find the right balance between putting enough and not too much! Glad it works for you! The smell is great!

  3. Hello Meg,
    I loved your blog. I have been living in Korea for a long time and have faced the problem of hair dryness, hair fall and week scalp. Though Korean cosmetics, korean products are good enough but I couldnt solve my hair problems. I also decided to herbal and natural with my products. Recently I came across an Indian natural products brand named " Himalaya"
    The products are really nice. The anti hair fall oil is the best. I am also impressed by Dr.Bronner's product. I would like to give a try.
    Though I am lazy blogger but you can also visit my blog:
    keep sharing, kojeblogger

    1. I LOVE that brand! I haven't been to the website until just now (I found it on iHerb)... I had NO IDEA they had SO MANY products! I have tried out their "Organique" toothpaste and I currently am using their dry feet cream. Which products are you using and recommend?
      In my opinion, you simply can't go wrong with anything from Dr Bronner's! I LOVE it all! :)
      Good to meet a fellow expat blogger! I will be checking out your blog!


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  5. Nice write up Meg! Your hair looks awesome and I love the twist tie idea! I use some Indian coconut oils on my hair which I was sceptical to use at first but then saw the benefits right away. Once i'm done with my shampoo, i will give dr. dronner's a try since I definitely don't want SLS on my hair. Thanks for empowering me again!