Thursday, November 15, 2012


As some of you know, I just recently had a birthday. I am 28!!!!!!! I say this with pride. 
Yes, I am approaching 30... 

Do I hate birthdays? 
Do I hate getting older? 
Do I dread the next year of life?
Should I worry about any of the things that come with age?


Yes it does! But...

I came to an epiphany around age 26...
I realized that every year, my life gets better and better!
I learn more and feel more connected to others and the planet.
I love myself more and feel more comfortable with who I am.
My relationship with my husband grows stronger and stronger.
I have a group of amazing people in my life that help me grow and fill me with encouragement and love. These are friends, mentors, family and even my little kindergarden students.
I am creating my dream life!
I no longer have a child mentality when looking at the world. I do not expect leaders or other authority figures to take care of me and act in my best interests.
I realize that I have the power to control my life. I am not powerless and waiting for "fate" to happen to me. If I want something, I go out and get it OR go out and create it if it's not out there already!
My body and my health are mine to control. I create and sustain my health- I am not a victim of it.

So many positive things have happened to me in the last year. It has been the most powerful and crucial year in my life so far. This year has cemented the keystone for what I believe will be the rest of my life. 

"I am living a life of abundance and purpose. All good things are coming to me. 
This will be my best year yet!"

I wrote that in my Leonie Dawson year planner in January of this year. This is what I wanted to be able to say at the end of the year. This has happened to me in a BIG way! 

I am not special. Everyone possesses this magic inside of themselves. We just have to remember that we have this ability. 

"Thoughts become Things" and "You are What You Eat"
are more than just expressions. 


Here are a few pics from my birthday celebrations this year (yes celebrationS)


My AMAZING friends tried to throw me a surprise birthday party. But Dave convinced them they should tell me. I am SO blown away by these amazing people and everything they did to make this party so... full of love... so... unique.... so......ME.

My birthday table!
Handmade Asian style paper table cloths, flowers made from an old Paulo Coelho book, napkins cut from natural cloth dyed with persimmons, oranges for accent, my GORGEOUS flowers and homemade party hats! See the yellow things all over the table? They collected quotes from my blog and other people that inspire me and wrote them all out. PERFECT!
**Added bonus: You can see two of the most inspiring men that I know in this pic**

The centerpiece!
A glass base with cinnamon bark, dried orange peels, and dried Korean dates. Apparently oranges with the insides scooped out- and the little white wick kept intact- make perfect candles.
Just add a little canola oil and you're set! They will burn for hours!
Being serenaded by Julie- a very talented worker at Loving Hut!
So happy for this pic. We didn't get a group shot of the party. It;s ok because everyone was busy talking and EATING. My two favorite things in life! :)
Vegan banana-pineapple cupcakes with vanilla coconut icing custom ordered from Alien's Day Out (a great vegan bakery in Seoul). That husband of mine sure knows me well! 
Everyone wrote birthday wishes and folded them into paper cranes
(or pterodactyls, boats or paper airplanes)
They all tied them on to this wooden mobile created by the party planners.
Words cannot express how wonderful this is! It is hanging in my yoga room at home as we speak.
Still trying to decide if I should open the wishes now or next year- what do you think?

                              Dave and I with "Aurora". Awesome little vegan girl! Her family owns Loving Hut
and she is always there to greet us with a smile.



The students in my class made me a book! I also got lots of cards from other students in the school
and my wonderful co-workers/friends. It is nice to feel so much love and get lots of hugs everyday! Being a teacher is truly a gift!
Husband came home early from work on my actual birthday to surprise me with a house of balloons and birthday music. Look at these LOVELY flowers in the background. I have great friends!

Can anyone in Korea guess where I had dinner?

Yearly tradition of going to "The Water Bar" with my great friend Meghan. A bar with lots and lots of different waters!? YES PLEASE! This photo pretty much sums up our relationship.

A total solar eclipse in the Southern Hemisphere.
Many of you know the significance behind this. But if not, it's still cool!


  Elton John concert in Seoul, November 27th! VIP tickets! Woo hooooo!

Love yourself. Change your mind about aging. Life can either be a wonderful adventure, or a scary prison. The only one that chooses which one it will be is you! 
ALLOW love, ALLOW growth, ALLOW success. They all are yours already and want to come to you. 

Wishing you many more birthday parties to look forward to. CELEBRATE!

PS- The next post will be for a give-away of some AWESOME products that I LOVE. Stay tuned!


  1. Meg, happy birthday friend! You deserved all of the fun and thoughtful stuff that came your way! You're a gem and we all love you! :)

    1. Thank you so much! You are so sweet!

  2. This is so inspiring!! I am so happy that you enjoyed your birthday. What a wonderful life to celebrate. I absolutely love this post!!

    1. Thank you, Meghan! I enjoyed it SO much. You are the best! :)

  3. Happy birthday to you! How sweet of your friends to throw you a surprise party - I love the orange centerpieces and eco-friendly decorations. The cupcakes also look divine - glad it was so fabulous!

    1. They did an amazing job- I am SO lucky! The cupcakes WERE divine. I have one left... I just can't eat it!

  4. What a great B-day it was! This post really captured the day so well. Your positivity and good energy is what has enabled you to be surrounded by such good people. I'm happy for you babe, and feel so blessed to have you as my partner in life :)

    1. Awww... thank you! You are too sweet! When you came in to my life, that was the start of positive things to come. You are the best :)