Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Edition: We All Die Of Something...


death, coffin

People are scared of it. Scared of the unknown. Scared of saying "goodbye". They are so terrified that they almost make light of it by using the old adage 
"We all die of something..."

I hate this statement.

The first three words are undeniably true. (We all die.)
But it's the last two that really bother me. (.. of something)

People use the last two words as their excuse to do whatever they want.

"I might as well just binge drink every night of the week during university... my poor liver.. oh well... WE ALL DIE OF SOMETHING"

"I'm going to go to the tanning bed twice a day and slather myself with toxic lotions that are cancerous... oh well... WE ALL DIE OF SOMETHING."

"I'm going to live on junk food and McDonalds and let my children do the same... oh well... WE ALL DIE OF SOMETHING!"

"I will clean my house with toxic chemicals and dump them down the drain- contaminating the water supply for future generations... oh well... WE ALL DIE OF SOMETHING."

"Yes I'm just going to wear deodorant that contains aluminum. I don't like sweating, and this is convenient. Lots of studies show it heavily linked to breast cancer... oh well... WE ALL DIE OF SOMETHING."

"I'm going to eat all the meat and dairy I want. They make my stomach hurt and are linked to cancer, obesity, environmental destruction, and kill millions of innocent beings- but they taste good and are readily available. Oh well.... WE ALL (including the animals)

"I hate drinking water. It tastes terrible. I love Coke and Mountain Dew! It's terrible for my entire body and causes weight gain and diabetes... oh well... WE ALL DIE OF SOMETHING."

Living with this sort of mentality is living life, imprisioned. One becomes defensive of their habits and doesn't care to gain knowledge to improve their life. Explaining away the reasons you live your life in terms of death is so... bleak.

I'm not advocating living a perfect life, free of toxins. This sadly is impossible in today's world. I am however, an advocate of living an informed, conscious existence that minimizes risks and emphasizes living life in all its vibrancy.

There are so many things you can do to LESSEN or even PREVENT your chances of dying a slow painful death. Everyone will die. But death doesn't have to come as a "relief" after living a life of disease. Sadly, in the west this is what we have come to expect. We believe that diabetes, obesity, heart disease, impaired mobility, and loneliness are all symptoms of getting older. This couldn't be further from the truth.

There are plenty of great role models that show us the contrary, Here are my Favorites:


                                Mimi Kirk                                                                                     Charlotte Gerson
                                  Age 74                                                                                                Age 90

They are not special, per se. They just have a different attitude and they both eat a raw vegan diet and live a life of activity and purpose. They both know that they control their health and they have taken it into their own hands. If they can do it, anyone can! Both of their websites are excellent sources of information and inspiration!

No matter how old you are, never give up. Never give in to some arbitrary timeline that you think you should be following. This is your life, after all.

 It's not easy to take responsibility for your health. Actually, most people enjoy playing the victim. They find comfort in the fact that "things just happen" to them. We need to shake this attitude. Part of learning to break these bad habits is attaining knowledge in the first place!

Watching the documentaries,  "Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days" or "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" is a great place to start. You will feel empowered as to what you can do to help your body heal.(Click the links to watch for free online)

Some people aren't ready to change their diets, but there are baby steps that you can take TODAY that are really beneficial!

The easiest place to start is with everything that you don't eat.
So, reconsider changing your household cleaners, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, body wash, make up, toilet paper, etc.

All of these things are just loaded with chemicals that damage your body, disrupt your hormones, cause dis-ease, and are linked with other malfunctions in the body.

Here are some of the products we use at our house for personal care & household upkeep.

The top row is what we use on our bodies.

The bottom row is what we use to clean house.

I am going to do a more detailed post/video about the importance of using all-natural products in your home- so stay tuned for that.
I will soon feature these products for sale straight from The Empowered Way blog! How easy is that!? The store will be here!!

I am also going to be doing a GIVE AWAY for two of these products soon! 
Like "The Empowered Way" on Facebook for a chance to win!!!

Once you get used to reading labels on your personal care items, you will start caring what goes in your body too and will naturally be mindful of harmful food ingredients as well.

Make a simple step on your "journey to health" today!

Here is your homework:
  - Watch one of the documentaries above.
  - Eliminate one toxic household/personal care product that you currently use and
     replace it with a better option!

*If you need help finding something, please let me know! I have a few great resources.

LIVE your life- it's the only one you have. Take care of your body-it's the only one you have!

Read labels, re-define your life in terms of what you can do!

Start living life "The Empowered Way"


As promised, here are some pics from my Halloween events:

My husband and I

Cruella de Vil and her henchman. Can you think of a worse costume for a health-conscious vegan than a villain that chain-smokes and wants to kill puppies to take their fur?

Some friends over at our house for Halloween movie night. Almost everyone is wearing a mustache! There are 3 blondes with disguises- can you find me?

                       Me and my pre-school class! They are terrified of Cruella de Vil! But they LOVED my costume!


  1. Best post yet! I am so grateful that you decided to take those first important steps to lead us down a more healthy path a few years ago. We started with changing our soap over to Dr. Bronner's and everything else just changed naturally over time. I feel better than ever, and I have no doubt the things we have replaced in our life are to thank for that!

    1. Oh Dr. Bronner's soap! It started it all. Aren't you so happy with how far we've come? It makes me so hopeful for our future. Love you.

  2. Yay! Grea post like always. I actually just recently started to realize how bad some of the cosmetics I use are. I hope you can share your resources. I already got a more natural sunscreen. I think the next thing I'd like to change is the deodorant I use.

    Great costumes Meg and Dave! And the Korean kids are so cute too!

    1. Hey Magda! I use for all of my cleaning supplies/cosmetics, etc. I no longer use deodorant! Can you believe it? In the summer I will use some coconut oil with tea tree oil mixed in... but that's only if I'm going to be running outside in the sun and then going to a banquet right after (so NOT VERY OFTEN) :) It took me some time to get David off of his Degree deodorant, but he won't ever go back to it now. He now uses the crystal deodorant from iHerb! It's pretty good, lasts forever and it doesn't come in a plastic casing so it's even better for the environment!! If you haven't purchased anything from iHerb before, you can use this coupon code YUR005 to get a discount!! (and I earn points if you use it too) hehe. Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it.

  3. hey~ you know, who i am? this is the first article to read in your blog, and I'm shocked that deodorant is one of the reason to make breast cancer. oh my goodness~
    Today, I told my family how bad the sausage is in the hotdog and spam.
    Maybe, tomorrow, I will tell them about the milk stories which you told me haha~~
    Have a good weekend and see you on Monday~
    ps>your halloween costume is perfect~~

    1. Hey Lisa! You read my blog!! Yay! I'm so glad you told your family that information! I bet they were shocked!
      Thank you for reading! Have a great weekend!!