Monday, August 27, 2012


Hello! I haven't written in a while! I have been planning my vacation, traveling and then catching up on my studying. But Typhoon Bolaven is headed to Korea so I have a day off! Perfect time to "catch up" with everyone.

I had one blog post almost finished, but I am going to save it for another time. In the middle of writing it, I got on Facebook and saw that one of my "friends" posted this....

The symbols spell "Contradict" in case you can't see it

This post will be a little different than my previous ones- I tend to get inspiration from the most unlikely places.  I just need to follow my inspiration this time. I couldn't concentrate on finishing the previous article because all I could think about was this picture. 

I named this blog "The Empowered Way" because I do not want to limit its content to only nutrition. There are many aspects of life in which we could be living un-empowered.  

The most prominent ways we live this way are by: 
Not asking questions
Following the status quo
Putting the blame or responsibility on others
Smiling and nodding
Excepting "that's just the way things are" or "it was meant to be like this"
And believing everything we are told

But WOW! Isn't that an easy life to live. It's comfortable and effortless. 

Once you start peeling back the layers and researching for yourself- well, that is when life gets REAL. It can be frightening, but freedom- true freedom IS enlightening... and addicting. You want more knowledge and you can NEVER go back to unknowing and living in blissful ignorance.

This blog will never post about religion. For or against it. That is not what this is about. But I want us all- regardless of our spiritual beliefs to take a minute, clear our heads and look a the above picture. 
Some of you may be nodding your head in agreement, some of you may be shaking it in disgust. Let's rise above our emotions for a moment and look at the consequence of attaching any strong emotional response to this- be it positive or negative. 

To me, this picture in itself holds so much! Can you see what it holds? Look beyond the illusions and "mascots" of the different "teams" in the world....

I really really really dislike getting in to debates on Facebook, (especially with those who do not think and research for themselves) but sometimes I make exceptions. Here was my response to this picture. Keep in mind all the comments above mine "liked" and LOVED this picture- inquiring where they could get t-shirts made with this on it, etc.

"So sad that "Godly" people promote this thinking. This is the thinking that separates, creates enemies, grows hatred, gives power to the elite, and kills. The divide and conquer strategy is very real and it's working. Keeping the little people distracted and telling each group they are "the true religion", and they are "chosen". Keeping people blind to see that we are part of the same brotherhood and keeping us from seeing our inherent power has been the best way of controlling the masses for a couple thousand years. As long as things like this exist, we will never be free. This old conversation is no longer working. Something new needs put on the table. Everyone knows this truth in their heart. I pray they find it again."

My comment was not fueled by emotion, nor did I state which religion I follow. I simply stated what we all need to hear- Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Sheik, Atheist, or Agnostic. 

We are all people. Yes, our beliefs vary and so does our culture. Yes, our individual religious doctrine all provides "evidence" that shows it is the only correct one out there. It has been said that religion was made by God to unite mankind, but re-written by man to divide us.  

Can we all see how this is true? So many have died, so many have suffered, so many have wasted time arguing over differences- and for what? Are we any better off for it? Or are we damaging what makes us human? 

In my opinion we are harming the core of who we are. We are all creatures that share this Earth, and we are unavoibably connected to each other- spiritually and otherwise. We are powered by love and togetherness. When these two things are absent, that is when real tragedy occurs both on a micro and a macro level.

I know that one day we as a species will wake up out of our slumber and realize who we really are and the power that love and acceptance has. I will let you research for yourself the ways that men have changed and used religious doctrine to divide and conquer and thus, keeping the masses easier to control. There is plenty of information out there on this. But if you aren't interested in it, then simply search your heart. Dive deep inside to who you truly are- aside from the roles you play, or the books you read, or the people you surround yourself with. Are separation, ethnocentrism, hatred, and cruelty really a part of your soul? The soul part of a person is the part that unites us with the divine. Do these thoughts come from the divine in you or are you suffocating the divine out of you with these thoughts? 

I believe that some people can truly be empowered by their religion (spirituality). But TRUE love, TRUE freedom, TRUE empowerment, TRUE knowledge will NEVER come from taking those things away from others. It should grow from the inside and make you feel alive.  

If we become aware that something as trivial as a bumper sticker or a picture can truly damage the human consciousness and fuel hatred, then maybe we can make steps to accept our differences and live together in peace anyway as brothers and sisters of the human race. 

Looking beyond the divisions, doing your part to spread love and living the message. These are all ways to truly live life "The Empowered Way"!

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