Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About the Empowered Way

Defined: The giving or delegation of power or authority. 
                   The giving of an ability; enablement or permission.

So many things in this modern world can make a person feel un-empowered... 

Our medical system 
Skewed information about nutrition (coincidentally distributed by the biggest food companies) 
Our food system (how food is grown and processed)
Our feelings of hopelessness about the government and political climate
Our education system 
Our old cultural or religious beliefs that make us feel small and unworthy 
Old mental patterns or self-deprecating ways of thinking
The feeling that we lack choices in how to live our life
I'm sure you can personally add many more....

The Empowered Way is here to help everyone see the importance of continual learning and re-thinking about things that directly impact our health and happiness. 

Our lives belong to us! 

Seems obvious, right? But it took me many years to come to this conclusion. Since I have grown in knowledge and began on my path to health and awakening, my life has changed drastically!
I would love to share my experiences with others that are searching for something. Once you find "it" your life will never be the same. Life is truly a gift. But there is a secret in the gift...

We create our lives to be anything we want them to be. 

Can you see the freedom in that sentence? If you cannot- because you doubt your ability to change things- please follow this blog and you will eventually come around! 

This blog will mainly focus on plant-based nutrition and information related to the connection between our health and the food we eat. I will show you just how easy it can be to improve your health by taking small steps everyday!

Even when I post on small topics such as how easy it is to make your own applesauce, or how to modify an old unhealthy recipe- you will start to feel a sense of empowerment about how you can do positive things for your life and you will start to re-think old habits. 

Health is our greatest wealth!

It is my belief that the true key to happiness and health is- knowledge. 

The more you know, the freer you become. In this blog I hope to make you thirst for knowledge and see the amazing things that knowledge will bring to your life. We have such an amazing resource- the internet! Let's make sure to always protect our freedom to use this freely, as this ability will be paramount to our living a FREE future! Make sure to always keep an eye on any legislation that limits its use IN ANY WAY!

Please feel free to share any and all questions and comments. This is a community of inspired, enlightened individuals that are interested in learning and learning- anything to the contrary will be deleted. 

This blog is dedicated to living life freely... 

Living life  

Thanks for stopping by!

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